CE811 Agents

Fireworks (Hanabi)

Run by webpigeon

This track is open to students studying CE811 for testing their submissions against the benchmark agents. ** Submissions are now closed as the deadline has passed**


Submissions Closed
Updates not allowed


Name Owner Ranking
ab18692 ab18692 Validation Failed
basicAgentmcts achrisk No submission
HaoAgent HaoAgent Build failed
testing artificial_dummy 12.1813725490195
HanabiPiers sample hanabi_piers 12.0686274509804
HanabiIGGI sample webpigeon 11.8676470588234
SUAgent SUAgent 11.8063725490195
HanabiOuter sample hanabi_outer 11.1495098039217
sr18747ar18395 sperz 10.1527777777778
artificial_dummy artificial_dummy2 10.1388888888889
nwiske nwiske 10.1176470588234
RJAgent RmitchaJmccut 7.82071428571429
db18686 db18686 7.29221943348871
RobertSalman RobertSalman 5.50339649624598
HanabiFlawed sample hanabi_flawed 5.28921568627451
plgent plgent 5.10642857142857
sd18621st18580 sd18621st18580 5.00925925925926
HanabiRandom sample hanabi_random 4.625
Kodap Kodap 3.66071428571429
AB18312 TheBarmyBrit 3.37254901960784
Echoes jc18548 Build failed
Spyridon Emmanouil Roussos Spyros No submission